Carry - Open / Close (2 cBots)

when purchasing, the robot code is sent within 24 hours.



Description Of cBot

Open and Сloses positions use the minimum spread value (minimum spread value is calculated using a monitoring tool Spreadline. Good to use for carry trading on two accounts, terminals. After all, the less will be the spread when you open the more money you get to save in the transaction.

Parameters :

- Spread (sets the maximum limit of spread at which are opened or closed position)

- Profit (sets the minimum limit of profit at which are opened or closed position)

-Vol (Volume opened positions)

- SL (Stop loss)

- TP (Take Profit)

-Open_Hour (Set hour start open order )

-Close_Hour (Set hour end open order)

-Only Sell (Open/close only Sell order)

-Only Buy (Open/close only Buy order)

What time frame and currency pair the robot can work on?
Any time frame.

We wish you successful trading!

Installation & Getting started

1   Run the downloaded package on your computer

2   Launch cAlgo and verify you have cBot in your list in cAlgo

Now you are ready to start using the cBot.

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