DELTAPLANE Strategy cBot

when purchasing, the robot code is sent within 24 hours.

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Description Of The Strategy

The strategy is based on successive cycles of buying and selling . Each cycle is created whenever the previous cycle ended. The cycles are alternated taking profit with minimal price fluctuations in both directions with a constant value of the volume.

You can manually set the values of take profit and stop loss, but the data of the optimization showed that it is better 
trail positions, with separate parameters for buying and selling, and the settings stop loss and take profit to make big.


This robot does a lot of transactions which indicates the quality factor data. 

+ Improved Paralane algorithm added logic for closing open trades, and risk management when the loss limit is reached.

+ Also added a unique strategy for alternating fast and slow trailing, and if the parameters are too high, you can disable the trail.

+ The coefficients of dependence on the Delta channel expansion on the maximum number of orders are introduced.


- The ability to interrupt and restart the robot.
- The robot is able to do interrupted and restarted, as it is non-stop robot-you need to be able to update the platform calgo or just be able to restart the robot without problems.
- Even when the positions configuration has been changed. The robot has the ability to automatically correct and to cope with changes and anomalies in its configuration after reboot.
- The robot does not use increase the volume of trade that does not lead to unpredictable losses.
- The robot is not using trading grid that can also increase drawdown.
- Tested on a fully Autonomous trading on VPS servers. The only condition is sufficient server performance when maintaining or modifying more than 10 trades at the same time.

You can vary the number of open transactions increasing or decreasing the ratio profit /risk, reduce drawdown in equity. 

What is the minimum initial Deposit the robot can work on?
We highly recommend a minimum Deposit of $ 2,000 with a leverage of 1:500, other trade will be associated with increased risk, and of course with high potential profitability. 


If you are using a Deposit of $5000 then the drawdown would be less because the robot does not change the trade lot size!


What time frame and currency pair the robot can work on?
1 minute. Provided versions contain a Set file for a specific pair for this robot.
In other cases, you should perform optimization of the parameters you can use to obtain the best set of parameters using the tick history data since the robot uses the data of the spread to enter the transaction.


This development can gain by selling a large amount per month, if you use any service of rebait this will allow to receive additional profit or get your broker discount on a spread or commission!

We wish you successful trading!

Installation & Getting started

1   Run the downloaded package on your computer

2   Launch cAlgo / cTrader and verify you have the PARAPLANE robot

in your robots list in cAlgo / cTrader

Now you are ready to start using the robot. 

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Don't forget the profit obtained in the past does not guarantee a successful trade in the future,

it is only a chance to repeat past success!